Find the Best Wedding Band For the Best Night of Your Life

Customizing the Big Day

Finding the things to best things to make the most important night of your life really stand out can be one of the most exciting parts of the wedding process. Picking out the caterer, the venue, and the decor can often determine the success and enjoyment of the event as a whole.

However, since there are two members of a wedding party, picking out things for the event can sometimes be both stressful and distress-causing. Many couples run into unforeseen conflicts during this time.

Compromising on Music

Music is no stranger to these potential conflicts. While studies show that married couples often gravitate toward similar genetic makeup, even more studies show that personal tastes often differ among medical couples. This can make picking the right live band to play at a wedding hard, to say the least. For some, it can cause rifts and arguments that the soon-to-be-wedded couple doesn’t necessarily need or want.

So what is the best way to compromise with your future hubby or wife-to-be? The best ways to compromise are easier than you’d think with these simple band-booking tips.

1) Find a Band That Fits With Your Values

Really research all of the bands that you are considering for your wedding night. Sure, it could be that a band looks great on the website, but make sure to have a conversation and get personal with them. Will they be able to play specific songs for your Father-daughter or Mother-son dance? Will they be able to play a wide variety of music for all of the guests at your wedding? If not, consider whether or not a different band might be best for the big day.

2) Personal Acquaintances Are Not Always Better

Especially millennial-aged brides and grooms-to-be often have many musical friends they might be able to turn to for reception music. However, sometimes this can spell recipe for disaster.

If you are thinking about having a musical friend (or group of friends) do the music at your wedding, make sure to set clear expectations as to what both you and your partner want. Both sides of the wedding party should be on board with the chosen entertainer, regardless of how dear the friend is to one side.

3) Compromise, Compromise, Compromise!

Even if you think you know your partner, sometimes personal taste conflicts can rear their ugly heads later in your relationships. It is best to make sure that both parties are in sync with what they want. For instance, if one of you is a hardcore country fan and one of you is a classical rock fan, finding a bluegrass band to play at your wedding might be the best option for you.

Whatever the choice, book the best wedding band by making sure that everyone’s needs are being met before the big day. Then, guests and married couples alike can be cut footloose after all is said and done.


Find the Best Wedding Band For the Best Night of Your Life